About Us

Qualidigx is a professionally managed consulting body offering Quality management solutions, consultancy, training and calibration services for International Quality Certifications and models.

“Quality is never an Accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”

– John Ruskin

@Qualidigx, we help our clients to accomplish their goals with an intelligent and thoughtful approach. We partner to understand their obstructions and offer proven consulting resolutions to curtail the impact and come-up with solutions to eliminate the root cause.

Qualidigx Features

  • Re-structuring the Organizational processes & deliveries
  • Construe Benchmarks after competitor market study
  • Defining Metrics to objectively evaluate the performance
  • Instigate new thought process
  • Improve customer experience
  • Gap-analysis and effective training
  • Assist in smooth transition
  • Emphasize on reduction than rejection
  • Lean documentation process
  • Optimal way of continuous process improvement

Being Versatile:

We adapt with the market trends, business requirements and customize our services on need based analysis and extend synergetic working relationship to our clients

Being expertise:

We hold a capability of successful implementation of globally followed standards and best practice models and inherit them into our client process methodologies

Being Inventive:

We constantly elevate our exposure towards the standards / models & conceptualize the requirements to gel with client business models for their sustainable growth

Being Accountable:

We engage with our client with far-reaching commitment and result based solutions by which we earned our client confidence